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you think you have what it takes to run Florida.

Rob frank, has invited teams from Tallahassee down to the beaches of Miami to see who are the real kings of the court.

only the best of the best will survive this event.

open invitation

summer 2022 in Orlando Florida, we will conduct a Double-elimination tournament up to 32 teams, for a cash prize of $2,000. Men & women age 17+ are allowed to play

registration is open now through June 10.

Games will take place on Sunday, July 17.

a non-refundable
deposit of $200 is required to hold a guaranteed spot on the court.
$450 Team entry fee is needed to compete which includes free gear for each player.



The following sets forth the rules and regulations (the “Rules”) that will apply to The Basketball Tournament (the “Tournament”) for 2022.  ROB FRANK, LLC is the sponsor and the producer of the Tournament (the “Producer”). The Producer is a sportswear company located at 109 Live Oaks Blvd, Casselberry, FL 32709 (email: The Tournament is currently intended, but is not guaranteed, to be produced for Marketing and Social Media purposes. Note: The Producer shall have the power and authority to determine all matters with respect to the Tournament and the Rules, including without limitation to make a final determination with respect to the applicability of or compliance with any Rule and the right to suspend or waive the requirements of any Rule, all and in each case, as it may determine, from time to time, in the exercise of its sole discretion. All references herein to any decision, election, determination, exercise of rights or other action by Producer means, in each instance, the exercise of such right or taking of such action in Producer’s sole, exclusive and non-reviewable exercise of its discretion.


  1. Up to Thirty-Two (32) teams (each, a “Team”) shall have the opportunity to participate in the Tournament. Producer may elect to include fewer or more than Thirty-two (32) Teams in the Tournament.  The Team that wins the Tournament will receive a cash prize of not less than $2,000 (the “Team Prize”). The Team Prize shall be allocated among such Team’s Participants (as defined below) as such Team determines, subject to certain restrictions contained herein.   ​ 


  1. Each Team shall be initially composed of “Participants.”  A “Participant” is defined as (i) an individual who applies on the Website and has been accepted by Producer to participate in the Tournament, or (ii) a person designated in a roster.  A Participant may be a “Player,” a General Manager (“GM”), a “Coach,” or other roles as defined on Producer’s website.   

    1. Player – A Player is someone who is on a Team’s roster of individuals available to play in the basketball games in the Tournament.

    2. GM – There must be one GM per Team.  The GM is the individual who registers a Team with the Producer and who oversees all aspects of the Team, including, without limitation, recruiting Players, communicating with Producer, managing the roster, and otherwise handling the team’s application to play and participation in the Tournament.

    3. Coach – A Team may have one or more Coaches, or may elect not to have a Coach. 

  2. A GM may also be a Player; however, he or she will count towards one of the permissible roster spots designated for Players. 

    1. A GM, Coach, or Booster WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO SWITCH ROLES TO A PLAYER AFTER THE ROSTER DEADLINE at 12:00 pm (NOON) (ET) 72hrs before the Tournament.

  3. Producer may disqualify/or kick out any person from being a Participant in the Tournament if Producer believes that such person’s participation is or may become harmful to or interfere with the integrity of the competition, bystanders, production and/or telecast or livestream of the Tournament.



  1. To be eligible to compete in the Tournament, a Team’s roster shall consist of at least four (4) Players by 12pm (NOON) ET on May 15, 2022. 

    1. A Team may substitute, but not add or subtract, Players after May 15, 2022, but only after Producer has received a $400 Team Registration Fee.


  1. Game Rules for the Tournament 2022. The Basketball Tournament will observe all 2021-22 NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules & Guidelines with the following adjustments/exceptions:

  • Timing – Winners will be determined by the First Team to reach 15 points or whoever is leading after 12 minutes of play.

    • Half-time will be 2 minutes in length.

    • Pre-game/Warm-up time will be 5-10 minutes in length or the announced game-time, whichever is greater.

  • Team Time-outs – Each team will have two (2) 15 second timeouts (of which only one (1) will carry over to the 2nd half) . Timeouts may be called by players or coaches.

  • Personal Fouls – A player will be disqualified after their 6th personal foul.

  1. Goaltending- A player cannot touch the ball on its downward flight towards the rim, nor can a player reach through the basket to play, or alter the flight of the ball.

    • However, once the ball strikes the ring, any player can play the ball. Once the ball is in the basket, the offense can no longer violate.

  2. Bench Personnel & Fighting – There will be no toleration of fighting whatsoever, if indeed the Producer feels as though someone is provoking or initiating an altercation at or around the premises of the Tournament, Rob Frank, LLC and its affiliates have the right to take necessary actions including but not limited to ejection and or lethal force to maintain the wellbeing/safety of themselves and others.

  3. Only credentialed players, coaches, and other ROB FRANK -approved personnel may sit on the bench.

    • No cell phones, hats or backpacks are allowed on the bench.

    • During the course of a game, any person who leaves the bench and steps onto the court of play will automatically be ejected from that game and subject to disciplinary action by the Producer. If a person is determined to be in a fight/altercation during the game, he or she will be ejected from that game and subject to disciplinary action by the Producer, including possible suspension or expulsion from the remainder of the tournament.


you ready to ball.
ready to be the kings of the court
grab your four and lets play.

complete deposit and registration below to receive an email on next steps including but not limited to pre-run times and check in.